The Horizon Directors

Horizon has always had its foot in the door with creating content. From starting out with Call of Duty content, the brand has expanded its outreach to varying communities.

With that said, we are announcing our official lineup of Directors that will participate in growing the Horizon brand as much as their own. Above all, Alex ‘Slips’ and Brendan ‘Tropical’ will be the key characters that will take into account all the video production of Horizon in the upcoming weeks/months.

Kieran Wood, Co-Owner of Horizon Union:

We’ve been wanting to build our content creation side for a while now but never had the chance to really put a structure in place. With the help of Alex and Brendan, we are more than assured that we will be creating something that will not only be hugely entertaining but will also give a sense of drive and motivation for smaller creators to get involved with the Horizon brand’.

It is with great progress that we are continuously developing the Horizon brand across the U.K and plan on going much farther. We want to thank all the ongoing support from the fans and our sponsors for helping out.

To see more of the Directors team, head over to the YouTube & Streamers page of the website.

Expect to see entertaining, high quality videos from some upcoming Directors in the near future!


Kieran ‘Lioh’ Wood

Co-Owner of Horizon Union