Horizon & X-Gamer Partnership

Horizon is delighted to announce its official partnership with X-Gamer, one of current leading developers of healthy and effective energy formulas for gamers.

Being heavily involved in the gaming community, drinking healthy can only be beneficial when gaming for long periods of time. X-Gamer has been a long time contact of the Horizon brand and have worked hard in developing the cleanest and most efficient energy drink for the gaming community.

Kieran Wood, Co-Owner of Horizon Union:

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the management of XGamer for over a year and a half and its always been thrilling to hear about their developments and continuous push to succeed on an international scale. After a long period of revamping and restructuring, I’m happy to finally be working with X-Gamer and the management on developing/pushing our brands to the next level’.

XGamer will be offering all the Horizon fans a 10% discount using code ‘Horizon’ to energise yourself during your long gaming sessions.

Once again we want to thank the entire Union for the ongoing support with every announcement and development of the org.


Kieran ‘Lioh’ Wood

Co-Owner of Horizon Union