Horizon Qualifies for ESL UK Premiership

A fantastic start in our eSports venture with the qualification of the Horizon Rainbow Six Siege team into the ESL UK Premiership starting Mid-January. The consistent and hard working ethic produced by Horizon R6 has been as astonishing as the level of progression and development within the team structure.


With the consideration of recent roster changes due to ESL policies and regulations, the perseverance of the Horizon R6 throughout the adjustment period has been nothing but spectacular and we as a whole, we are extremely excited for our future involvement in the ESL UK scene. 

This is what Kieran Wood, Owner of Horizon had to say: 

‘I’ve been working closely with our team since October and have seen them develop into high tier players in preparation for the qualifiers and the Premiership. After the unfortunate loss in the Monthly Finals, the team did nothing but bounce back immediately in order to qualify the following week. With that said, I’m extremely pleased with the current shape, structure and progression of this team and there is no doubt in my mind that they will be conquering the Premiership in 2018.’

We want to give a special thank you to all of our fans and supporters throughout the long period of weekly games and the moments leading up to the qualifiers to the Premiership. We would not be capable of pushing forward without the continuous support and for that, we are truly grateful. 

Kieran Wood | Owner & CEO