Horizon Qualifies for UK ESL Live Finals

Due to a change of events, ESL have come to the conclusion of ruling Vexed GG from the ESL Live Finals on March 10-11th.

With that being said, ESL have decided to choose Horizon as the next contender to attend the event.

With the ongoing developments of the Rainbow Six Siege scene in the UK, the team may have underperformed throughout the course of the season by finishing 3rd with 12 points after defeating Fable eSports 2-0 in the final game of the season. However a second chance has been given for the team to attend its first LAN/Finals event.

The event will be held in Leicester, United Kingdom, as Horizon has already secured a top 4 finish with the possibility of going forward and winning the event itself.

Here are a few words from Kieran, Co-Owner of Horizon:

‘The recent ruling of Vexed is an unfortunate one however I could not be happier to see our team work so hard from the start of October, trying to qualify for the ESL Prem to then being able to attend the Live Finals themselves. I’m beyond happy to be attending the event myself and to see Horizon being a huge part of the UK eSports scene in the future.’

The Horizon team and management will be attending the event on March 10th-11th so make sure to stop by and come meet us!

Kieran Wood | Owner & CEO