Horizon enters Smite

We are extremely pleased to announce Horizon’s entrance into Smite with the acquisition of Combine team, Wine ‘n’ Dine. The team has proven to be a dominant force in the EU Combine and is working its way up to the Smite Minor League.  We are excited to begin working and supporting the development of the team, in its hopes of reaching the Smite Worlds. Horizon Smite is comprised of Stefan ‘MrSt3fan’ Visser, Jacob ‘iSilenced’ Davies, Martin ‘Echrome’ Anthony, Callum ‘Terrorem’ Sharples and Marcos ‘Markus’ 

‘We are pleased, at Horizon, to be able to bring in such a talented and developing team in Smite. We have been long awaiting an opportunity to get involved and we are glad to push towards Smite SML and Worlds in the future.

 – Kieran Wood, Co-Owner 

‘We are excited to be partnering with Horizon Union for our run through the Smite Combine and Smite Minor League. The short time that we have partnered up so far has been really good, and we are excited to see what we can achieve under the Horizon banner.’

– Stefan Visser, Smite Manager

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