Horizon acquires Rainbow Six Siege with upcoming ESL UK Premiership!

Horizon are pleased to announce that we have stepped into a new scene and have acquired a team for the upcoming ESL UK Premiership for the Rainbow-Six Siege franchise. There are a mix of familiar faces and upcoming new talent in Horizon’s new roster, so lets meet the team.

Horizon Rainbow Six:

Tristan “Trxstan” Savage – Captain
Kyle “Kyz” Murray
Connor “Igua” Wood
Zak “Rum” Grice
Jay “Jokerr” Oliver

Here’s what Captain Tristan “Trxstan” Savage had to say about joining Horizon Union:

‘We’re proud and delighted to have the opportunity to represent such a big organisation going forwards. We’re really looking forward to growing together as a team and individuals, we hope that we can make the organisation and its followers proud and give them a reason to get behind us.’

This team is no doubt a powerhouse and are considered an underdog going into the ESL UK Premiership early next year. We feel this roster is perfect and have all the values we are looking for from a team competing under the Horizon banner. We look forward going into 2018 with this amazing talented roster and we cant wait for what the future holds.

Kieran Wood | Owner & CEO