Horizon enters FIFA 19 Pro Clubs

As of today, we are happy to announce that Horizon will be entering Fifa 19 Pro Clubs with the acquisition of ‘PICSOU’. With the ongrowing development of Fifa Pro Clubs eSports, we have had the pleasure of becoming involved with VPG (Virtual Pro Gaming) eSports. The team will be competing under the Horizon banner in the Premier League of VPG against highly recognised organisations such as Epsilon, QPR, Fleetwood Town and more.

This expansion has allowed us to further develop our community involvement in multiple gaming communities and will arise great opportunities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Statement by PICSOU:


‘Salut a tous, tout d’abord mon équipe et moi même sommes très content de rejoindre Horizon. Pour ceux qui ne me connaissent pas ça fait 3 ans que je suis dans le club pro. J’ai remporté quasiment tous les titres avec mes anciens clubs et j’espère que l’on va continuer sur cette lancée et bien représenter Horizon Union.’


‘Hello all, first of all, my team and I are very happy to become a part of Horizon. For those who do not know who I’am, it has been 3 years since I’ve been competing in Pro Clubs. I’ve won basically all the biggest titles with my past clubs on Fifa and hope to continue this successful run throughout Fifa 19 while representing Horizon Union’.

Here are a few words from VPG eSports:


‘Chez VPG, nous sommes ravis à l’idée qu’Horizon rejoigne nos ligues. C’est une excellente nouvelle pour 11v11 avec un autre grand nom entrant dans la plate-forme VPG. Nous attendons, avec impatience, la nouvelle saison pour commencer, alors Horizon peut commencer débuter ca saison avec nous. C’est formidable de voir que PicSou dirige Horizon, car il est l’un des meilleurs managers du monde.’


‘We at VPG are very excited with Horizon joining our leagues. It’s great news for 11v11 with another big name entering the VPG platform. We can’t wait for the new season to begin so Horizon can start there journey with us. It’s great to see Pic Sou managing Horizon, as he is one of the best managers around.’

Arron Dellosa

Chief Executive Officer

With the upcoming release of Fifa 19 and the beginning of the Premier League, we are eager and prepared competitively to be at the highest level.

With that said, we want to thank VPG as well as our amazing community for the ongoing patience and support we receive on a day to day basis. 

Kieran Wood | Owner & CEO