Horizon is a premium gaming and esports focused organisation. Established in 2017, Horizon works collaboratively with creators, helping them pursue their long term aspirations whilst building extensive brand affinity across the globe as a forward thinking, innovative organisation in the gaming industry.

The organisation was launched to work hand in hand with creators globally, simultaneously capitalising on the world of esports, driving long-term strategies for becoming a powerhouse for competitive talent.

Co-Founder & Operations and Commercial Lead

Kieran Wood

Co-Founding Horizon, Kieran has invested his entire time, since 2017, shaping and building the Horizon of today. Kieran is responsible for everything tied to the operational and commercial framework at Horizon, with an additional focus on creating a premium environment for passionate individuals to join the world of gaming & esports. Whilst developing Horizon, Kieran previously worked at Kairos Media as an Account Manager, working with non-endemic partners and innovators in the gaming industry such as JBL, Facebook, KFC, LG and more.

Co-Founder & Talent and Partnerships

William Mollett

Co-founding Horizon, and operating since 2017, Will is responsible for all talent and partnerships at Horizon; with a particular focus on diversity, and partner-first relationships tied to the well established creator roster. Horizon has since grown to house some of the most exciting talent in the industry and work with some of the leading brands in the space. Throughout Horizon, Will previously worked as a Campaign Manager at Kairos Media, working across some of the largest endemic and non endemic clients: Ralph Lauren; KFC; EPIC Games; Tencent and Nestle.

Social Media Manager

Adam Washbrook

Award winning Social Media Manager specialising in community building through engaging content, Adam developed his craft through successfully placing non-endemic brands in the gaming and esports space. With a BA (Hons) in Sports Writing and 10 years creative copywriting experience to his name, Adam continues to pioneer creative-first content through social media