A brand built around content creation and showcasing EVERY area of gaming that YOU love!

Horizon, originally established in 2012, is an entertainment platform based on all your favourite social media platforms. We strive for variety, high quality and diverse content from creators all over the world.

Our aim is simple; to bring our loving and passionate community the best possible content for you to meet new creators, laugh and be a part of our vision. An exclusive, family-like, thriving group of individuals all with a common interest within the gaming community, that is Horizon.

Co-Owner | CEO

Kieran Wood

Having been involved with Horizon since 2014, Kieran has invested his entire time in developing and building the Horizon of today. From starting out in VFX to developing leadership skills and working hand in hand with creators; his background has ultimately led to operating and overseeing all ongoing operations/business of Horizon. Whilst developing the brand, Kieran works as a Campaign Executive for a marketing agency in esports and gaming; Kairos Media. Kieran holds a BSc in Applied Geology and MSc in Earth Dynamics, however, has transitioned to influencer marketing and devoted his work to the gaming industry.

Co-Owner | COO

William Mollett

Driving change and development, Will has been involved in Horizon in a variety of positions, starting off as a designer almost seven years ago! Work ethic and pure determination has allowed Will to become the COO of the brand, with his background allowing creative solutions to assist with the organisation’s focus: content creation and lifestyle. In the midst of working Horizon, Will has completed his BA (Hons) Business Management degree and is now full-fledged in influencer marketing and business development.

Social Media Manager

Aiko Luking

Putting a voice to our social platforms with her background in personal branding, Aiko leads Horizon's digital branding presence as Social Media Manager. Her background in community engagement comes from her personal brand in gaming where she has reached a digital audience of over four million viewers. Other accolades include affiliation with Twitch, BA in eMarketing progression, and brand partnership coordination.


Lenny B-C

From managing a number of organisations in the gaming industry, Lenny has worked his way through the ranks to become the Logistics Manager of Horizon Union. Lenny’s job is to ensure a smooth process with Horizon’s current and future lifestyle deliveries whilst maintaining the success of each project.

Creative Director


Ritwan, also known as 'Cro' is in charge of the design studio at Horizon Union. Having reached this point in his career by starting to make YouTube banners and desktop wallpapers for friends in 2012. What first became as a hobby became his passion. As many wanted to make designing a full-time job; By designing for organizations and many other teams, Ritwan has grown a wide skillset as a designer whilst starting his own graphic design company.