Horizon returns to Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

After last seasons success with Horizon’s Rainbow Six Siege team (Xbox), it is only fair that we get involved in yet another instalment of the ESL U.K Premiership. The latest transition from console to PC has pushed us even more to get involved in yet another eventful season.

With that said, Horizon will be officially competing in the ESL U.K Premiership Winter Season with the roster stated below:

Tristan ‘Trxstan’ Savage

Herbie ‘Shattered’ Harris

Bailey ‘Maytums’ Maytums

Ben ‘TheBuster’ Altria

Ryan ‘Ryazu’ Vaughan

Josh ‘Alison-Tyler’ Olayinka

With a 3rd place finish in the first season of Rainbow Six Siege, we have high hopes in furthering our esports ventures with yet another promising and talented team.

‘Having been a part of the first season of Rainbow Six Siege in the U.K and attending the Live Finals, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a scene that we, at Horizon, have loved being a part of. The community and scene itself has done only good for Horizon and I’m eager to be back in the game with an even stronger competition.’

Kieran Wood 

Co-Owner of Horizon

Here are a few words from ‘Shattered’:

‘We are very excited to have been picked up by Horizon in time for the UK Premiership Winter Season. We have been looking at Horizon for a while and have really liked the look of the organisation and the way its ran. We hope that as a team, our dedication and effort will hopefully be fully appreciated while playing under the Horizon banner. We are very excited for the future and what it holds!’

All games with follow a similar pattern as last seasons, with games being diffused on Twitch. We will be posting constant updates on the progression of the team throughout the course of the Winter Premiership.

We hope to see the same support as we did last year and once again, we appreciate all the love and eagerness to be involved with Horizon.


Kieran ‘Lioh’ Wood