Horizon Gears of War

We’re delighted and beyond excited to announce the official Horizon Gears of War team. After the success of EGL Sheffield, we have kept our eyes out to the possibility of immersing ourselves within a new scene, community and eSport. With the current development of eSports, at an exponential rate, in the U.K, we felt that it was only a matter of time until we made our move.

With that being said, here is the Horizon GoW lineup:

Danny ‘Notorious’ Kruza (IGL)

Kaleb ‘Demonic’ Crook

Kieron ‘Breaker’ Oakley

Aron ‘Juztice’ Low

Scott ‘Empathy’ Stubberfield

Furthermore, as recently announced, EGL will be hosting the next Gears of War Open in London on June 9th-10th, of which, Horizon will be attending. We are ecstatic about carrying on our current track record with teams and events as we hope in making a dominant impression in London.

‘After our accomplishments with the Live Finals in Leicester in March, we’ve been assessing what our next move should be and where do we go from there. Opportunities have come left and right but we never settled for below what we felt was needed for Horizon. I’am extremely happy to introduce this Gears of War team and will be supporting them all the way through as I head to London with them on June 9th-10th’ 

  • Kieran, Co-Owner of Horizon

Words from Danny Kruza, Captain of Horizon GoW:

‘Becoming apart of HorizonUnion is a pleasure and step forward, we have looked up to, and also admired Horizon for some time now. We are looking forward to having a bright future with Horizon and also looking forward to bringing home some gold under our new organisation. Myself and the team are grateful for our opportunity and wish nothing but success for Horizon in the eSports Gears field and we will be 100% dedicated to making that a possibility.’

We are looking forward to our long term development in the eSports Gears of War scene as well as working alongside our latest members to the org. Once again we want to say a HUGE thank you to the entire Union for your constant support and encouragement!

Catch us at London on June 9th-10th as we compete to bring home gold.


Kieran ‘Lioh’