Horizon Enters CS:GO

2018 begins with a bang as Horizon acquires ex ‘Wisefrag’ CS:GO team for Season 27 of ESEA NA CS:GO Main. With the continuous developments of aiming to be involved in yet another eSports scene, the management has come to terms that CS:GO was the next venture.

With that said, we would like to give a warm welcome to the team with the acquisition of: Starting Line-up:

  • Denis “denya” Kosogov
  • Liam “intox” Wilson
  • John “Fatality” Owens
  • Bobby “stamina” Eitrem
  • Everett “spirit1” Seavy
  • Sub: Gaziz “coohar6” Miles

With hopes of previous playoff qualifications and adjustments to the roster, the structure of the team has changed for the better with the sole mentality of producing results throughout the season.

Here’s what IGL, Bobby ‘Stamina’ of Horizon CSGO had to say:

‘The team and I are very happy to be competing this season under Horizon. This season is one that will be a grind and we believe this roster has what it takes to move up into the Mountain Dew League. We are very excited for our future with Horizon and working with people who have a similar vision to us. We will make sure to not disappoint the fans of Horizon and show what hard work & dedication can accomplish!’

Here’s a follow up by Kieran ‘Juicy’, Co-Owner of Horizon Union:

‘We are extremely excited about being back in the CSGO scene and especially with a team we believe in as much as they believe in us, Horizon as an organisation has so much love for the Counterstrike community and what comes with it, we all look forward to seeing what this team can bring to not only the org but the entire scene itself’

With the current movement and the belief in our teams and structure, they’re no limits to what this team are capable of accomplishing in 2018. We want to thank all the fans for the continuous support as always and trusting the movement.

– Kieran ‘Lioh’