Horizon proudly welcomes its newest General Manager!

With the current developments and changes to Horizon in the last 2 months. The management has come to a conclusion that it was time to enlarge its circle.

With this said, we are proud to announce the acquisition of Brayden MacKinnon i.e. The new GM of Horizon Union. Brayden MacKinnon is an internet influencer, people specialist and an innovative business person who will help Horizon take our next step in achieving our goal as an Organization.  Brayden has had past tenures with multiple organizations, most reputably, The Obey Alliance.

Brayden is a 20 year old capital investor, and plans to work hand in hand with our current management as we pursue a long-term goal of winning eSports championships, growing as a brand, and ensuring brand security for years to come.

Here’s a statement from Brayden MacKinnon in regards to recently joining Horizon:

‘To Horizon and my supporters, I am very pleased to announce that I will be teaming up the guys at Horizon Union for the next chapter in my managerial growth. Horizon is an organization that has always carried a place in my heart from past business tenures, and future visions that myself and current Horizon management share in common. Horizon is an incredible organization with a fantastic fan-base, and above all an extremely talented management roster with members I admire, view as friends and share the same commitment and goals to becoming a leading, innovative brand, across multiple platforms. I have not felt this sense of excitement and positive nervousness in quite some time now. Today is the start of what has yet to come and what is Beyond the Horizon. All the best, Brayden.’

In addition, this is what Kieran, Co-Owner of Horizon had to say:

‘We’ve taken a long time to think about who would be an appropriate and considerable acquisition to the Horizon brand. With tremendous people skills and a promising business background; I strongly believe that bringing Brayden into the scope of Horizon will not only  strengthen the brand as it ventures into more than just eSports but also push the name and values of the Horizon brand across North America.’

Once again, we appreciate the consistent support of the Horizon brand from fans all across Europe and North America. This is merely the start of our project and there is much more to come.


  • Kieran ‘Lioh’