Horizon 2018 Branding

It is with pure excitement that Horizon is announcing it’s 2018 v2 branding. After careful considering of the appearance and the ‘feel’ of the brand, the Horizon management concluded that it was time for a fresh redesign to truly recreate what it means to be a part of Horizon. After 7 months of operations and careful developments in eSports and team structure, the Horizon v2 branding represents the ideology of gaming and what Horizon entails as a collective brand. With multiple entertainers on multiple platforms as well as the developing creativity and passion towards design and gaming, the pattern illustrate what it means to be at Horizon Union.

This is what Kieran ‘Lioh’, Co-Owner of Horizon Union had to say:

‘As a brand, we’ve always overlooked what was the most aethestically pleasing look for Horizon but could never decide what style suited best. With this said, with the amount of work, ideas and hours put in, I’m glad that we were capable of coming to a conclusive look for 2018 and the future of Horizon.’

We want to give a special thank you to Leo ‘SliderConcepts’ for producing and devoting so much of his time on this Horizon branding concept for 2018.

– Kieran ‘Lioh’