Fiery hot lava or golden Go Beyond... why not both!

The Horizon team have been working on this secret project for months, but, we are happy to present you with the official Horizon GFUEL Shaker!

A simplistic and eye pleasing shaker, fitting all the Horizon brand colours, with our Go Beyond slogan nicely fitted at the bottom.

With the incredible support received throughout 2020 and 2021, we have had the opportunity to work very closely with the GFUEL team on bringing a product that best suited the Horizon brand.

Words from William Mollett, Director of Talent & Partnerships at Horizon:

The last two years with GFUEL, the largest energy drink supplier in the space, has been an phenomenal experience. The release and subsequent sell-out of the shaker cup acts as a mere nod to the continued relationship we look to build and develop.

Words from Cliff Morgan, GFUEL Founder and CEO:

Working with Horizon has been nothing short of amazing. Their energy, diverse content, and altruism speaks volumes about their character .We couldn't be more proud to officially launch a Horizon GFUEL shaker together. This is just the beginning!

Thanks to the support from thousands of the Horizon community, the Horizon GFUEL shaker has now, officially, SOLD OUT after less than a month of release!

More news to come on what's next.