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Today marks the last day of Mental Health Awareness Month. Over the last few weeks, the conversation around mental health has been brilliant from agencies and industry leaders to smaller creators and members of the public. We hope the noise created will have a lasting effect beyond this month. However, one career that is often overlooked in terms of mental health awareness is that of creators.

We believe it was vital to hear the thoughts of someone on the opposite side of the camera. From the outside being a streamer looks like the dream job but people often underestimate how demanding it can be. There’s no doubt it’s an exciting industry to get into but the responsibility of often being a one-man team, and the constant upload schedule, can be tough. 

We sat down with one of our creators, Sooshi, and asked about her concerns with creator mental health, particularly in the gaming industry.

How does being a full-time streamer affect your mental health?  

Sooshi: It has had its ups and downs, overall I feel it has strengthened my mental health but took some time to get there. It's important to have a balanced lifestyle and try not to overthink stats and the occasional troll.


What have you found to be the best techniques to help improve your mental health? 

Sooshi: I blast my shower on cold when I'm done, it really resets my whole mood. Also getting outside for a walk can work wonders.

Most of us know the good and bad elements of social media, but what is your advice for anyone who’s struggling online? 

Sooshi: Remember your self-worth, be sure to keep in touch with family and friends and get outside when you can. Please try your best to not allow social media to consume your whole world (I've definitely had this issue myself) and never forget everyone posts themselves/their world in the absolute best light possible on social media.

Do you think there’s still a big stigma around talking about mental health? 

Sooshi: The stigma surrounding speaking about mental health still exists but is definitely improving in my opinion.

How does your Twitch community help/hinder your mental health? 

Sooshi: My community helps me greatly, they make me laugh a lot and motivate me to be a better person.

Is the mental health of creators talked about enough? 

Sooshi: I do not think it is talked about enough. It would be great if there were more opportunities for creators to speak with each other about our mental health as sometimes it can be hard for outsiders (family, friends who are not involved in Twitch) to understand the worries streaming can bring.

Is loneliness a big issue in the creator profession? 

Sooshi: Yes, it's really easy to lose yourself in content creation, especially live streaming. I never feel lonely when I'm streaming as chat keeps me entertained and engaged however it can hit you when you close OBS and are alone to reflect.

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