We break company records for charity... and WE LOVE DOING IT!

Once again, Horizon has come together for the purpose of helping those in need during difficult times. As the pandemic was progressively getting worse globally, the team came together to help wherever there was an opportunity... In comes 12 DAYS OF HORIZON

Our new charity format was spaced between 12 days where a series of Horizon creators streamed, live on Twitch, through Horizon or their personal brands to raise a grand total of $10,000 for Health Care for the Homeless. Yes, that record was evidently smashed in 6 days...

Driving the heart of each community to contribute and take part in the activity, 12 Days allowed each respective community to participate in a series of incentives, milestones and giveaways to encourage donating to the foundation. It wasn't too long we found ourselves in a position where the stretched goal became a reality.

Words from Kieran, CEO of Horizon Union:

'I've always been extremely invested in any charity event Horizon has put together, our creators and our brand message will always be focused on driving the best of out of creators and our communities. 

Reaching our goal in such a short amount of time, whilst having the opportunity to go above and beyond was incredible and I couldn't be prouder of every member in the team for their participation and ESPECIALLY, each community and individual that contributed to the cause.'

As we close out 2020, in the hopes of a brighter New Year (hopefully), Horizon will continue to strive and to push boundaries whilst breaking its records with all charity related events. 

When is the next one you ask? Who knows but you can bet we're going to be aiming even higher to help those in need.