Horizon Union, has unveiled latest changes in the Apex Legends scene ahead of the next Split season.

The team has now been in the esports for the last two years and continues to cement it's position through the acquisition of Faenex and JSavageW.

Horizon Union's team now consists of:




The recent movement to APEX further signals Horizon Union’s commitment to developing the esports and providing the best opportunities for players to compete under the organisation banner.

Kieran Wood, Co-Founder & Operations and Commercial lead at Horizon Union, said: "We've absolutely loved our time in Apex ever since our original acquisition and this comes with no surprise that we want to be competing at the highest level in the scene."

"We've learned a lot and we know the steps we need to take to lead the team and org to the top of the scene. We couldn't be happier to be bringing on Faenex and JSavage to the team and are very much excited to see them perform."